UV Trash Can

Has anyone experimented with one of these UV trash cans? http://amzn.com/B0058DMCGO

We have a MacGyvered solution here at Formlabs that we use for things with liquid resin on them. Old Build Tanks, Failed Prints, and used Resin Filters all go into a trash container with few high power 405mn LED rigged inside. We use it keep liquid resin from entering the waste stream.

This looks like it could be much better solution, but there is no wattage listed on the lamp.


We have been using this more medical type sterilizer:

Its only 9 watts, so it does take a little while to cure (usually 10-15 minutes, and then flip the parts)

it is big enough to fit a tray or alcohol bath container inside to cure before disposal.

CORRECTION: The FormLabs bath does not fit. I was using another container

Is it safe to put IPA in one of those? I would be hesitant because of the fact it is a closed container with, even though low, heat and IPA has a pretty low flash point.

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