UV Cure Chamber Design - Dimensions and Pics

I thought I would upload some pics and measurements for the simple UV curing chamber we built around the Salon Edge Nail Curing Station and rotating table shown in Formlabs basic Tutorial. Seen in this video: Pro Series Silicone Mold Tutorial | Electric Skateboard Controller - YouTube

Materials used are:
.25"/6mm expanded PVC Board White
1mm thick Plexi-Mirror (purchased from Paragon Plastics)
.125" ABS gray sheet
.75" Smooth White Plywood Shelving Board

The box is big enough to accommodate the Form 2 build envelope, however it is tight to rotate on the largest pieces.<img

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That’s a nice setup. I built something crude but similar (cardboard and tin foil :slight_smile: ) just like the one @Jory made.

One thing I have wondered was not necessarily about UV exposure, but the heat factor. If you have a small item to be cured, say the size of a golf ball, does it cure just fine being closer to the bottom of the box? I have various sized pedestals I created for mid and small sized items so the actual item is way up closer to the UV lights. Or sometimes I just take the nail station off the top and put it right on top of my item (with the original platform inserted).

Do you think that is overkill? Would a tiny item cure without issue so far from the heat source?

You would have to ask Formlabs if their formulation responds to heat as a catalyst but heat may also potentially warp the part(s) if it is not far along enough in the final stages of crosslinking.

I thought from reading other curing solutions that the target wavelength was ~402 nm. When I search for this “Salon Edge Nail Curing Station” on Amazon it notes 365 nm as the peak. Can you confirm the spec for the one you are using (since you seem quite happy with it)? Thx


365 here, too.

These lamps are not monochromatic. They emit light over a range of frequencies and the quoted value is the approximate frequency with maximum intensity.