Using magnets in Form 1+ 3D printer

so i’m a masters student working with a Form 1+ 3D printer in my project we’re modifying a resin with a magnetic substance. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how we’d use a Magnet in the 3D printer , before we try random things that might risk damaging the printer.

Thanks for any help.

Potentially that could cause issues with how the resin will cure

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That sounds interesting. Are you using OpenFL?

Unless you are using very strong fields, I wouldn’t expect a problem. I’d be concerned about inadvertently tripping the safety interlock (both false positives and false negatives), then there’s the motors and galvos which are potentially susceptible to magnetic fields.

Explain more. You’re going to mix something ferrous in to the resin and print things that will be attracted by a magnet Or you’re going to print with a magnetized material mixed in to the resin? How does a “magnet” get in to the printer and why is it there?

Do you mean this: