Users for your Dashboard

If you can do this let me know, but I’d love to add user accounts to my dashboard so that people can look to see what I’ve produced and how many as an audit when selling designs for them without having to give them my login


Or you could upload your objects to Shapeways (or similar) and let your users interact with them there. They have a “user store” feature that’s free. This has the added benefit that your customers might be able to order your prints from Shapeways for material cost plus a markup you set. Also, Shapeways’ user interface uses OpenGL to let you rotate the object to view it, which is nice…

Thats not exactly what I’m looking for. I have artists I’m going to sell their designs to the public and I want them to log in to audit how many I’ve printed for their own peace of mind.

This is a really important feature for team members and clients to get awarness of the progress of the prints. Also!. The parts need to washed relatively quickly, alerting all team members print is done and to do this is important to the quality of the print.

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Yes, this feature would be nice. For now, if it is just internal team members you can share the login information.

I also just tested and you can have people create their own account and register the same printer to it.