Used to have art foundry now i have form1+

I received my printer a few weeks ago and I love it. I have used a liter of gray for numerous prints and am happy with all. I read a post on this forum about electroplating and got to thinking. Long story short I printed this and plated it.

Gray resin, Conductive paint ( not finished coating, thanks to forum post for info on Safer copper paint)

Raw copper plate feels just like the bronze casting I made back when I had bronze art foundry but much easier !

I love the printer but this might make it obsolete!!!

Thanks for having a forum Dan


Very nice work. It looks like some of the object did not plate yet. Is that just a trick of the light?

Also, that is a very cool link to that new printer. I’ll be following that tech for sure.

Just a hunch but looks like it is based off a DLP projector and the model is drawn out of the bath as the image layers are drawn, but doesn’t require a peel. No layers in the sense that there is no peeling between exposures. Am I on the right track?

I think you are on the right track. For lack of better words, it seems to play a “movie” of the slice silhouette on the boundary layer as it continually draws the platform up in time with the cure.

ShaneMans It is a trick of the light, it is fully plated, It has about .002" deposit and will take a nice shine if I was to buff it. I will probably put a verdigris patina on it, Dan

Love it… I’m waiting for my printer to return so I can try plating on conductive ink/paint as well. This get’s me excited even more!!

This is awesome work @Dan_Keith ! Are you going to be electroplating more models? What else are you working on?

The main advantage the form1+ has is it ability to reproduce accurately, digital models that I do. I have been using my diy cnc router to make patterns/models for my metal castings. But it being a subtractive machining method and my smallest bits .015 there is a limit to detail I can achieve. The form allows me to make patterns that can’t be done on the router/mill. Now that I can electro plate and get the look and feel of a bronze casting without the hassle it opens a whole nuther market. Ain’t technology wonderful :>)