Upcoming Resin Re-formulations

Still a major difference. I just switched over from V2 to V4 which is why I noticed this. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, like maybe this is just a Preform estimation error and not actual build time. If it is really this different, I would prefer the older formulation/settings.

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Wow, definitely not the same settings. I was just getting ready to order more Clear, since, from my experience, the vats last the full 2 cartridges (vs. less for the Grey), and it tended to print a little faster than the grey V3 (which really is a nice resin, otherwise). Any help would be appreciated before I place my order… We do have a local distributor that might have a few more clear 2 in stock.

Since the official word is that the settings are the same, I am glad I saved my Clear V2 cartridges. With a funnel and some paper towels I have a never ending supply of Clear V2. Still, I am hoping there is a more concrete response and solution to this.

Thanks for pointing this out - helped to highlight a bug on our end. It does look like the settings for Clear v2 and Clear v4 are different but this was a mistake. The current Clear v4 material profile is using overly conservative print settings and this will be corrected in the next PreForm release at which point you should see that these are much more similar :slight_smile:


Sorry to butt in, but I think you need to be more clear about this.

What exactly do you mean by “overly conservative”.

I though the print settings are always “fixed”, optimized for speed and quality. If there is such a thing as “variable” settings, why not make it an option, like a slider (speed vs. quality). I’m sure that would be something a lot of users would appreciate, as sometimes, being able to print something faster at the expense of quality (or vice-versa) might be desirable.

Agreed, that was a bit ambiguous.

This isn’t a difference in print quality but rather a change in the behavior for the base layers of a print. Increases in the wait time between base layers and increases to base layer exposure account for the difference in print time. These were testing parameters and admittedly weren’t intended to be shipped. They won’t negatively impact print quality but will slow those base layers down a bit. A fix for this is scheduled to go out this week.

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Thanks Frew, looking forward to it. Now you can boast a 30 minute reduction in print time as part of the release notes :wink:

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Hello, We are currently using last bits of Grey V2 and are awaiting Grey V4. Are these two resins mixable or do we have to use new tank for V4 resin?

I would like to ask the same question. using last bits of Grey V2 and are awaiting Grey V4. Are these two resins mixable or do we have to use new tank for V4 resin?

You can add my wish for a better formulation to castable resin too. I find its VERY hard to get a good surface. Absolutely every step in the casting and investment process has to be 100% perfect or the results are really poor. Its a very unforgiving material. To get a good result you have to let the plaster harden for at least 8 hours, you have to cure the heck out of the resin - don’t even think of doing thicker items and you have to burn out long and hard all of which adds many hours to the process and unfortunately time is money in the casting business.

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@jhanuska @WiltonShagpile Grey v2 and Grey v4 are not mixable. The re-formulations are mixable with their previous version which in this case would be Grey v3. Your Grey Resin v2 tanks can be cleaned and used with v4 resin, it just tends to be easiest to use a different tank for each material.

Still waiting for an answer on this one… Frew???

Is it possible to use the White V3 tank for White V4 resin?

Yes. Frew mentioned the reins listed in the first post can be mixed with their prior versions.

Speaking of which, @Frew, Did Dental Model V2 undergo any FDA etc. testing (like I think the other Dental resins did) and if so would a mix of V1 and V2 still be considered certified? I read sometimes those guys go nuts over subtle process changes.

Dental Model isn’t designed for bio-compatible use and doesn’t go through the same certification procedures that Dental SG and Dental LT Clear Resins have. We haven’t explicitly tested whether mixing Dental Model v1 and v2 affects accuracy (it shouldn’t), but to remain on the safe side, it might be best to keep them separate.

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Gotcha, thanks!

The problem is that when I install the White V4 resin cartridge with the V3 tank, I get an error message stating that the two don’t match. How do I get around this?
I could pour the V4 resin into the V3 cartridge, but not sure if this is the best way to go.

@DaniB I’m fairly certain you can have it set the v3 tank to v4 by ignoring the error

You have the option to ignore, and after that the tank will be assigned to v4 resin.


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Are there intentions to launch a new Standard Black with a reworked formula? If yes, when?

It’s nearly a year since the launch of Black V3/V4 and I’m waiting urgently for a useable Standard Black, which really works with my Form 2 (like the former Black V2).

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