Unreacted Monomer & Diffusion Coefficients

Hi All

I am using the Formlabs to create experimental constructs for lab work. We are currently looking at the amount of unreacted monomer left over from the Flexible Resin once it has both been washed and then cured.

I was going to see if its feasible to plot a diffusion coefficient curve over time for this - has anyone done this. Does anyone have any raw data about the monomer and different chemicals in the resin (using quantitive chemical structure analysis ) that they may be able to share?

Any help greatly recieved

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Hi Rob,

Just out of interest - are you the same person who studied bio engineering at Harvard?

I am sure that if you ask the resin manufacturers nicely, then they will give you their formulation. After all that what earns them their money…

I very much doubt anyone is simply going to give you the information that you are after.

However if its uncured material migration after printing information that you are looking for then the tests specified in ISO 13845 are very well suited.


Many thanks for the ISO 13845. For obvious IP reasons they aren’t too forthcoming with their monomer chemical structure etc etc. Wondered if anyone else had tried to work it out. No probs