Radiation-hard resins?

Hi, my lab recently bought a 3BL and is now thinking about printing pieces to be used for experiments in radioactive settings. Are you aware of any research being done on formlabs resins ?

It would help to have an idea of the composition of the resins (nothing accurate obviously) to estimate the feasibility.

Thanks !

Cured SLA resins form long monomer/oligomer chains that, I suspect, would not fare well in a hard-radiation environment.

I’d be surprised if FL has done any research on this. But there has been quite a bit of research done on the suitability of SLA prints for use in Space. My recollection is that formulations need to be specifically designed for this kind of environment or they don’t last.

Hi @jdefaver,

I would recommend reaching out to Support, as they would be able to check with our Materials team as to whether we’ve done any testing on this.

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