Ultrasonic & Ultraviolet Cure

Anyone here have experience running ultrasonic cleaning and ultraviolet cure simultaneously?

Isn’t that a bit like washing and waxing your car simultaneously?

I think you would get weird surfaces from curing resin while it’s being washed off and potentially getting cloudy cured resin flakes stuck to your model from the agitation.

Let us know how it goes if you try it!

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I have been using an ultrasonic cleaner for a while and I would suggest putting the part in clean water outside of the ultrasonic cleaner and cure in that. From my past experience if you don’t rinse off the part you risk having a rough surface where there are micro size bits of uncured resin that will be on the part and those get fused to the surface of the part. Water based cleaning or Yellow Magic will lift the resin off the part but not dissolve it like IPA does. These tiny droplets can be cured out of the solution making it very reclaimable whereas IPA makes a sludge that id difficult to post cure out.

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Never realized that benefit of an ultrasonic cleaner, good info!

Hey Ken, what do you use for liquid media in your ultrasonic cleaner? Right now I am using IPA but I intend to try straight water.

I put water in the ultrasonic cleaner, then IPA in a ziplock bag with the parts. Float the bag and run it.

I use Yellow Magic. Running IPA in an ultrasonic cleaner can cause a fire.

Both Amazon and Z-Vat Industries who also makes glass bottom tanks.

I am really interested in Yellow Magic 7. Although IPA in a bag in water is safe enough for our lab, we’re always looking to get rid of VOCs. I originally made this thread because I have run into references regarding sonic & cure in YM7.

Also, thanks for the link. There are some accessories there that would be very useful.