Treatment to increase the strength of printed material

Does anyone know of a way to increase the strength of printed material? Is there a certain heat treatment or chemical application that would work? I don’t need drastic improvement, my prints just seem a little flimsy. I am currently using grey Formlabs resin. Thanks!

A couple things come to my mind. Electro-plating a metal onto them would do wonders. But electro-plating plastic is not easy. Depending on your part, you might have the option of using your print to make a silicone mold and then casting the part from casting resin. Casting resin has better wear properties, though i’m not sure you gain much break-protection.

Post curing your parts will make them stiffer. The material properties datasheet shows the effects of post-curing on the flexural properties. If you search for “post cure” in the forum you can see a few different homemade cure boxes people have made. I generally find that just leaving parts on my desk for a couple days works fine, if I’m not in a rush. As the IPA fully evaporates from the part, the surface finish improves and continues to improve are the part absorbs more light.

Another thing to try, if possible, is to adjust your geometry to improve stiffness. Walls thinner than 2mm will be somewhat flexible, but you can also add ribs or other features to get stiffness where you need it.

I agree. Last week, I redesigned a part to have 3.175 mm thickness instead of 1.5875 mm–which showed a good increase in flexural rigidity.

Just to clarify: it seems that the homemade cure boxes simply expedite the post curing process that would naturally happen over the course of a few days. Is this correct?

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