Tough 2000 thickening over time

Most of my prints have been in Tough 2000. I’ve noticed that if I don’t print for ~3 months or so the resin in the vat thickens even when its covered with the Form 3+ cloth cover. I leave the tank open during this period.

This leads to print failures as the magnetic wiper detaches and won’t print. My only recourse seems to be tossing the expensive Tough 2000 resin in the tank and starting over with fresh resin. Even if it’s from the same tank, it comes out thinner and I can print normally.

Have others run into this? What’s recommended practice to resolve this?

Hi @bmotorsports,

Thanks for getting in touch. This would be fairly expected for a storage period over ~1 month. Our recommendation is to pour the resin out of a tank into a separate container for long-term storage (see Resin Care). Otherwise, the resin may need to be mixed manually to reincorporate material that settled towards the bottom of the tank.