Tolerance for press fit parts

Would you have any idea what sort of offset you would need to produce a press-fit part? How tight can the part be?

That may be difficult to set up, you would probably want a gap like <50 microns. However, any surface that is angled downwards a bit will be a little thicker than designed due to how the laser bleeds through a layer and cures extra material on the underside so you likely won’t be able to print with that precise of a tolerance.

The quick rule of thumb I’ve been using since the Form 1 is 0.1 mm radial clearance for a tight fit and 0.2 mm radial clearance for something that I want to rotate. You can definitely go tighter if you want a true interference fit but I generally just stick with this rule of thumb because it’s easy to remember (and if I want to more permanently bond the parts, a tiny drop of CA works great)


Great, thanks for the tip Jason!

We recently published a White Paper on Engineering Fit that you should check out. It goes over best practices for part tolerances and includes some of the more popular fit mechanisms.


Excellent, thanks all. For some reason I hadnt seen the relevant white paper that certainly looks great!