Token Goldberg Hello World Print

The unwritten rule says that every SLA printer needs to print a Goldberg polyhedron as one of its first prints. So here’s mine :wink:

Still on the platform…

… and half an hour+ of removing supports later:

I believe someone complained about PreForm generating supports within it recently. I didn’t experience that - might be dependent on the cell size, mine was printed sized at 50x50mm i believe. No internal supports and the auto-generated ones worked fine (reduced point size, density and slope multiplier) but they were still quite a chore to remove.

I think i could’ve gotten away with way way less supports placed manually.
Someone asked me to print them a copy when i find some time, so i’ll test that then.

(STL © George W. Hart)

I printed a very big one and one a bit smaller than yours. Its correct the supports internaly will generate on the bigger ones. Its easy to remove though.

Yeah, from what i can gather, to determine what’s internal volume, it shrinkwraps a mesh over the object, ignoring holes smaller than X. For holes bigger than X, the shrinkwrap mesh wraps through the hole and inside the object, generating supports where there shouldn’t be any.

There’s no real fix for that, that’s pretty much the only sensible way of determining what the “inside” volume is on the fly like this. The only thing that would make it better would be a slider that allows adjustment of the hole tolerance.

Awesome print @Ante_Vukorepa!