Time lapse video

Hey together,

recently I made a time lapse video of an 6h print with clear resin. It was quiet much work to cut out all illuminated pictures and put them together… Finally, here is the result:




This looks fantastic! What was your process for only isolating frames where the laser was active? Did you do that manually or use some sort of autonomous process?

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@Frew Sounds like manual to me.

Whew! Nice work. I find it especially cool to see what sections go slower or faster. Is this directly related to exposed cross section or are there other factors at play? It would be cool to see the preform visualizer and actual print time-lapse next to each other. (Not to make more work for you XD)

Hmm. Mine prints a lot slower.


@Frew thank you! Like @Brandon_A already said, isolating by hand. I set the camera to 1 photo /sec and just copied all “blue lighted” photos into my video editing program… I just wanted slowly moving film instead of all these ups and downs with the wiper in between. The slower and faster sections are directly related to the exposed cross section. Unfortunately I didn’t film the print time. Maybe next time! :smiley:


What kind of camera did you use and how did you mount it inside the lid without getting in the way? I’ve tried to do a few gopro time lapses with a Hero3 but its so bulky I have to put it outside and it tints everything orange.

how did you get the laser to look blue?
did you shoot with the cover open?

I also used a Hero3 and put it on the inside of the cover with double sided tape. You should check before you run a print that the wiper can move easily and won’t be blocked by the camera. That’s why the laser appears in its real color as it’s not filming through the orange cover.