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The printout does not dry out after a bath


Hi there, recently I started using Form2, and I have been printing with standard materials white and black V4. For bath I’m using TPM wash solvent. My problem is, after bath the print out does not dry out. I left it for the whole weekend and is still wet. In addition, when I touch the printout, it looks as if the first layer in the surface is peeling under my fingers. When I wash it thoroughly in water, and all the way around the top layer comes off, it looks ok. Should it be like that?
Cheers guys.


No, it should not be like that.

You should buy some IPA and try that to see if it makes a difference.

Also, you must post-cure the print after washing it. If you don’t have a UV light source to do that, putting the print in the sun for a few minutes will do it (you have to rotate the print to make sure every surface is exposed).


Hi Pawel, Something sounds wrong so I will list what I do. I use an ultra sonic cleaner to help clean out holes and deep slots.

First of all, I use TPM at 30 deg C. at this temperature the viscosity is lower. I have a jar of TPM for rough wash then a second jar of TPM for final wash. We do not mix washing jars for different resins to reduce cross contamination.
First rough wash in TPM for 5 mins pulsing ultrasonics
Second rough wash in TPM for 5 mins full ultrasonics
Drain part and let drips run off before washing in final wash jar. (reduces carry over)
Third final wash in TPM for 5 mins pulsing ultrasonics
Fourth final wash in TPM for 5 mins half power ultrasonics
Drain part and let drips run off before rinsing in warm water in a jar at approx 30 deg C (add 1ml dish washing detergent to 1L of water)
Shake off water and dry in warm oven at 50 deg C max for 1 hour
Ready to cure.
Note that resins like TOUGH 1500 still feels sticky after water rinse and we do a very quick rinse in IPA, not to clean, but to absorb moisture from print.

TPM on a print does not dry! It needs to be rinsed off with warm water.

Sometimes the surface of TOUGH 1500 feels soft and spongy and delicate but after drying and curing no problem.

We find the TPM cleaning good but a slower process when compared with just IPA. We only use TPM on our commercial , none medical projects. We still use only IPA for Biocompatible resins.

Hope that helps


Thanks for the tips and answers. I tried with IPA and is much better. I think that solves my problem.


Hi @Pawel_B,

Congratulations on your new Form 2! I’m so sorry that you ran into this issue, but I’m glad that you found success printing with IPA.

If you’re still looking to print with TPM wash solvent, I’d recommend checking out this article. It has some great tips and tricks for getting best results with TPM!