Tensile Strength Test Bars - Form 2 File

In the post-curing whitepaper a reference was made to some tensile bars towards the end of page two…

“Both Form 1+ and Form 2 printed ASTM D638 type IV tensile bars were used for experimental samples”

We are planning to start quantifying post-cure performance by having an outside source measure tensile strength, flexural modulus, and impact strength of all Formlabs (and other) resins cured in our CUREbox product. The goal is to provide scientifically qualified presets specific to our hardware. It would be ideal to use the same .form file that was used to create the test bars for the Formlabs experiment.

@Frew, Would it be possible to get that .form file? I will share results with the community.

I asked around and wasn’t able to find the specific .form file. The model was generated from an ASTM specification so it should be relatively easy to extrude and reproduce. Looking forward to seeing your results!

I’m assuming you have Solidworks - you can find the Type IV solid model here:

If you don’t have Solidworks, let me know and I can easily generate an STL file for you.


I can certainly produce the model without issue, I thought it would be good to have the exact same orientation and support placement as you, but it is certainly not critical. Thanks for checking.

@themedulla Yes, I have Solidworks so I can read the file. Thanks for the link and also thanks for offering to convert it for me.

Just in case anybody else needs it I am attaching our version of the ASTM D638 type IV test bar. This was generated for a Form 2 using gray 2 @ 100 microns. Thanks @themedulla for the link to the source file.

WE CUREbox ASTM D638 type IV Bar_Form2_Gray2_100uM.form (1023.5 KB)