Temporary gluing and permanent gluing

Hey guys. Pretty new to everything Form 2 (but lots of 3d printing experience/painting).

For better or for worse I just jumped right in to a big multi-part project for my first thing. Its a lot of pieces as a kit.

What i’m curious on is how well i could temporarily piece it together. This is for anything like pre-visualization or making sure pieces fit together. A few filler (less important pieces) are being done at 100 microns in PLA on a Replicator 2. Most will be Form 2.

What is a good method for gluing stuff together and then breaking it back apart for this?

Then later what is best for permanently gluing these pieces. Many will not really be “keyed”/ some will but a lot will just be flush planes. So i’ll want something pretty heavy duty for a final gluing.

I was recommended Aves Apoxie Sculpt Modeling compound as a filler. I think some things will need to be sculpted after gluing.

Also Bob Smith Industries Super Glue (Maxi Cure). Stuff seems pretty nutts.