Suddenly parts explode

hey there,

I figured around with the Formlabs form 1+ and seem to have very stable printing results after cleaning all mirrors on the machine. So I made a Quotation after as I felt safe and started as I got the order.

In parallel, i also ordered a new tank and new bottle of resin (White).

I just started printing some of the requested models with the existing tank and resin (black).

As I got the new tank and resin, I also started using it. First two parts, there were very Little defects on the part. That was not a big issue. So I was able to assemble them. But as I did the last requested part, I needed to try fife times up to now. Different orientations and different volume. Also I tried to cut the part into two, without having any success.

So I also decided to clean all mirrors again. Not only the mirror in front, all optical Units. I also tryed to step back to black material. This also leads to exploded parts. At the Moment, i dont have a good idea, how to continue the rootcause Analysis, as I already cleand everything and also changed material and resin tank.

Attached you can see the Pictures of the results in chronological order, starting with the newest prints to the older ones in Black.

I also reduced accuracy/Resolution from 0,05mm to 0,1mm but without success.

Any Ideas?

Hi Thomas,

This looks like something is blocking the optical path, uncleaned resin, or simply a lack of resin flow due to too many objects on the build platform.

First, I would try to print with only one pipe element and check the result. I have also replied to your ticket.

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Hey Sebastian, thanks for your replay.

As i doublechecked the brand new tank (2 prints in total before getting in Trouble with it), the bottom is very cloudy and rough. So i dont think its the lasers afford, maybe it came by only one failed print leads to destoyed tank in the Center area.

Attached you can see a photo. At least, I currently have not investigated the other tank with black resin by now.


comming back to you, as I tested two other tanks.

Unfortunatly the next print also failed and damaged 2nd tank.
So I decided to use third tank, that originally contained transparent Color resin.

So I cleaned it up and made another test.
Even now, its not possible to print. I also reduced the printing volume and only tried to print one pcs.

Hi Thomas,

Let’s wait until the new mirror has arrived and then continue our troubleshooting over out ticket system.

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