Striations in flexible molds how to reduce or remove

hey there

Ive got some two part molds i printed from the flexible resin on my form 2. the prints turned out pretty well and the molds work nicely. my main problem is the surface finish inside the mold cavity I have flat faces in the mold that i would like as smooth as possible “to limit finishing sanding” but i have striations showing up in my prints which transfer to my parts. i set the molds on a slight angle and they seem to be sufficiently supported, my layer height is .05mm. any thoughts or ideas on what is causing this? the tank and tray were brand new when i started these prints, so im fairly sure there isnt any sludge in there and i have cleaned the tray bottom between prints.



Images of the print and your orientation in PreForm would be a big help. Oftentimes, this is caused by undersupported geometry or enclosed cavities and pictures will help us to diagnose.

ill grab some pics, since the preform files files are too big to upload. but i have a single cavity in the mold, however it isnt “enclosed” as far as i can tell.

ill take a few shots tonight, hopefully the striations show up, the material is dark ill need a strong light source.


im betting the striations on the inner side of the mold surface.

the striations are on the inner face of the molds… you can especiall see it on the face with the number eight on it… sorry the pcs arent better

Angling parts so that they’re not parallel to the build platform can help with printing success and surface finish. You might trying angling this 30 degrees in both the X and Y axis. This shouldn’t require any internal support structures and will improve the finish of your part.

thanks for info ill try that,

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