Star wars trench run diorama

I am building a Star Wars trench run diorama and I 3d designed some tiles to make the death star trench. They were printed in clear resin at 50micron resolution.The tiles are 3 inches square.


Wow…(excitement building)… How large is it going to be? and are you building the part with the exhaust port and the missiles being fired, Just Luke’s X-Wing, or also Vader’s Tie and the Millennium Falcon?

I’m 100% geeking out. !

And I’m too old to be doing this, but I am :star_struck:

its going to be 4 feet long by 12 inches deep and 1 4 inches high.I have already built the are some pics of the ships they are 1/72 kits


Wow very nice! You have lots of tiles ready to print at. Myminifactory btw

Very fan! Plz keep us updated, cant wait to see final results!

I’m looking forward to seeing this build progress.