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Solvent bonding



Given that the resin is acrylate based, would it be possible to solvent weld two pieces together using (perhaps) di- or trichlorometane?

Also, using the resin itself as a UV glue, how good will be its affinity to a PMMA surface?




I can tell you that the resin rebonds to traditional PMMA really good. We’ve been doing this on a few different applications. medical and non-medical


Thank you for the info!

Given your medical applications, I was also wondering if you have ever tested the long term chemical resistance of the resin under aqueous solutions of salts, acid or bases, as the official data on chemical compatibility seem to be pretty scarce.

Thank you


we haven’t - aside from the few dozen cases that are live right now


Would you like to share which solvent did you use to do the bonding between the resin and PMMA?