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How can we change the language in the PreForm software?

Preform should automatically detect your computer’s language, which is set at the OS level. On my Mac, it’s set in the Language & Region panel of System Preferences.

When I re-opened Preform after changing from English to Français, Preform was in French.

That what I did. I change the language French to English in the “Language & Region” in control panel, under Windows 7 and then, when I re-opened Preform, it’s still French.

I re-install again with the English setting and it’s still French.

Maybe should I deinstall PreForm and try again?

Still doesn’t work when I desinstall and re-install.

Any clue?


In that case, I’m not sure what’s going on — open up a support ticket and our customer team will help you out.

Thank you!

If you have any suggestion for the french translation of the software I am all ears.
I know some strings have not been translated properly and I am working to correct them for the next release.

Quickly, I haven’t seen any major thing on this side. I should say that I haven’t use PreForm in his French version. I just notice that the language change after the update and then, try to fix that because I prefer to use the English version.

Although that my first language is French, I prefer to use a software in his English version.

But, If I see something really bad about the translation, I’ll make a comment.



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