Software feature that limits duplicates/points out overlapping parts

When duplicating a part in PreForm, I noticed that it is possible to make an excessive number of duplicates of a part (e.g. more than will fit on the build tray).  When I accidentally did this, I noticed that some of duplicates were created  directly on top of existing copies of the part.

If I didn’t notice where the overlapping duplicate was during its creation, it would not have been obvious that there were two duplicate parts in the same position.

I think it would be a nice to incorporate software feature that either prevents the creation of overlapping duplicates or shows where you may have overlapping parts (e.g. highlighting them in red).

I agree that it would be useful to be informed and see overlapping parts, but I’d like to keep the possibility to “over cure” selected volumes by overlapping two or more objects in some places.

I use that possibility to reinforce some support bases for instance.