Soft Black V4

I just wondered if there had been any progress on a solution to the Black v4 not curing properly in FormLabs 2 machines. Or if there ever will be…


I stopped using my black V4 after wasting time and energy on rubbery or soft prints that then deformed after a typical post cure cycle. Formlabs like turn the other way and either throw free stuff at you til you stop complaining or act as if they had no knowledge of the material or part failure.

Grey resin and clear seem to cure the best so far. Tough resin stays rubbery like the black.

Pretty much my experience too…

We didn’t even start using black for this reason. However, we didn’t experience any rubbery parts with tough. We had sticky surfaces when not properly washed, but the parts were quite stiff when cured properly, even before we got our Form Cure.

My mileage with tough might be quite different because I was dealing with assemblies that had 2mm or sometimes less wall thicknesses. Its sold as “ABS” and feels similar to a less durable nylon. ABS is far more rigid and elastic. Even standard grey preforms better for my end use parts. Yes tough is less brittle but it exhibits an undercured property similar to the black. Parts would not spring back nor did they every really seem to fully cure even after hours under UV exposure.

Yes, tough doesn’t like low wall thicknesses (all sorts of warping can ensue), but as for not fully curing, what kind of cure box do you use?

I built a cabinet with UV led light strip lining the inside and an acrylic motorized turntable. It generates its own heat and I often post cure with a space heater to help speed things up. The tough parts arent tacky at all they just never feel hard enough. When parts bend they dont spring back to shape. Even when out in direct sunlight Im still not impressed. Sure parts are stronger but nothing like ABS.

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