Sketchfab models embeddable on our forums!

Starting today we are happy to announce that you will be able to embed your Sketchfab models on our forums!

To embed a model, simply just paste the url of your Sketchfab model and our system will do the rest!

With the nifty 3D viewer, you can rotate and zoom in to the models, as well as embed and share them too. We have a gallery of our models on Sketchfab, check it out today!

One last thing: if you upload a model printed with the form 1, please tag it with “formlabs” -> This way we can see all of your cool models under one page!

This is way cool! Are the models downloadable or for viewing purposes only?

You can set it to be downloadable or not. If you set it, it will show up in the embedded view as well, so other can download it straight from here. :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool, say goodbye to screenshots!
What is the Lens Assembly and Lens Holder used for?

One of our engineers @CraigBroady made this incredible tutorial how to make a polished lens using our clear resin.

That is awesome work!

Next step a DIY DSLR lens made on the FORM1? :wink:

The idea is neat, and your effort is appreciated, but this widget locks up Debian’s default browser (Iceweasel 31.2.0, a Debian rebranded Mozilla Firefox), and the entire browser must be killed - e.g. all other tabs of info are lost. Perhaps there is a plugin, but it never asked to install it - it just hung. I do realize that many more people in the World use Windows and Mac, for which it seems most proprietary software technologies focus on, but a very large proportion of ‘makers’ choose and use OpenSource software exclusively. It would be great if this fact was addressed and considered when deploying technologies designed for this demographic so that inclusion would be insured. Of course, the same is true for Preform. I must maintain a separate machine solely for the purpose of printing to the Form1+, which is far from ideal.

@ChristopherBarr I am really sorry to hear that! There is no additional widget that is involved for this feature. Sketchfab developed this feature via the de-facto OEMBED standard, widely used on forums & sites across the web. I have not heard any bugs associated with it on Linux distros. I think the Sketchfab folks would greatly appreciate your feedback, in case there is a bug in their implementation. If you don’t mind taking the time please shoot them your issue description to

Sorry for the trouble again.

how cool !! very exciting.

Just to revive a long dead topic.

This feature no longer works.