Simple functional parts made with the Form2

Here is another short video on some simple yet functional parts made with the Form2. In this case there is nothing on the market that covers different size fixture holes in an older fiber-glass shower. Especially not 3" in diameter…


My only concern would be the strength of the parts in the long run. It will be exposed to cold/hot water and I’m not really sure how it would react to that over extended periods.

All of that aside, I enjoyed the video and good work on the design (I use Blender too!)

This side of the shower sees very little water and if protected with exterior enamel paint it’ll last … a life time : )

The protective coat in general is what makes certain materials “survive” like wooden house siding, certain steel and metals, etc. Out here in the desert heat even tough PVC pipes eventually become brittle.

But that’s a good point - how resilient is the Resin when exposed to extreme environments without protection.
Formlabs should be able to answer that. It might do better than expected.

Thanks for checking out the video.

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Drain screen
Having to keep shampoo caps out of drain.

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