Water resistance of Formlabs resins

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New here. Please be gentle.

We are looking to undertake a project where we require the parts to be water resistant long term as they will be submersed in an aquarium.

Does anyone have any experience of the long term effects of water on Formlabs printed parts, as the solvent compatibility tests on the Support pages only run for 1 hour: https://formlabs.com/support/finishing/solvent-compatibility/

Many thanks.

IIRC, these plastics are not food - or fish - safe. It would endanger the critters in the aquarium to have this plastic in there with them.

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I had printed a handle using white resin to be used in moist environment and it is holding up nicely so far (3 months). I dunno how well the resin can handle being submerged though.

how long would a bees wax coating on this part last underwater?