Should I buy Form Wash and Form Cure?

I have the Form2 and I clean my prints with the Finish kit, but I wanted to know if Form Wash and Form Cure worth it… What makes them special?

If you have the money to spare or you’re utilizing your printers for some serious business work then yeah go for it. If you’re like me and you use the machine mostly for personal projects then it I’d say they’re too expensive. I made my own UV chamber for a fraction of the price as many others have done.

The Form-wash is a godsend ! We really didn’t think it was going to work as well as it does but the results are impressive. To me, it is well worth the money…but then again, the company I work for bought it, I didn’t shell out my own cash.

Form-Cure…we also have an inexpensive UV light box that we made up but it will soon retire. We are considering the Wicked Engineering CUREbox. So Form-Cure or CURE box is definitely in our future but the homemade UV box has served us well. If you can only afford one the Form-Wash should win hands down.

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If you’re a small business then it’s probably worth it, but as a hobbyist the cost is pretty high for that