Share Your Form Wash Experiences!


Oh, and no matter what you say about evaporation, the fact remains there was way less volume loss per day from the old ”manual” baskets with gaskets. Maybe the gasket design you’ve compared against wasn’t optimal, and that’s why you didn’t measure a difference. The objective should’ve probably been reducing the evaporation and designing a solution that does so, not comparing a cheap and slightly less cheap option (i fully understand cost reduction is important, and gaskets require additional tooling, but Wash ain’t exactly cheap either).

One last, minor thing (sorry about my multi-post rant)… The tool storage compartment doors have badly designed stops/detents. I regularly close them beyond the detent with very little force, because they simply skip it, and end up closed inwards instead of flush with the sides.


I will agree with the evaporation. I have had the form wash for about 2 months, maybe 3, I have had to put 64oz more ounces in the tank already, I had to only put one 32oz in the old one over a year after I filled it the first time.


The Wash DOES evaporate IPA. There used to be a slight odour in my workroom which has mainly disappeared after I started to use food wrap on the Wash when finished for the day.

Inelegant and fiddly, yes, but it works.


I know I have said this before, but I thought I might get used to it, I am constantly turning the know the way that is expected, turn counter clockwise one would expect the scrolling to go down, clockwise would scroll up. When I am selecting a time for washing, I am spending part of that time trying to figure out why the numbers are not going the right direction, then I try to figure out why it is set up this way and realizing I am probably never going to figure out the logic for this (unless there is but I haven’t read about it yet)… it just doesn’t make any sense. The same goes for the form cure, I literally just went and tried to select a time and went the wrong direction again I can see locking it if you spin one way or the other, but selecting times is backwards, can this be an option we can put the proper direction??? Maybe in my mind when I see a white bar highlighting something, I expect the white bar to move up and down which it can’t obviously do on that screen, so if I am sitting on 15 minutes, and try to move the white bar up to 14 I get 16 instead. So the option to change that to our preferences would be most appreciated, I have 50+ years of scrolling things that tell me it’s backwards, hopefully that makes sense, sorry for the lengthy post :wink: