Selling Form 1+ recently refurbished - $1650 (2 platforms / 4 tanks)

Hello - I just got back my refurbished Form 1+ which prints really nice now but I need to make room for the Form2 that should be shipping in a few weeks. There was an extra 90 day Warranty added when it arrived March 3rd and I believe it is transferable.

The reason for the recent refurbishing was a few internal parts related to a failed galvo. Parts were replaced for ~$450 and the printer has done very well since it has been back.

Total of 2 build platforms and 4 tanks
$1650 +shipping

email me if interested -
I am in the Philadelphia area if anyone is local and considering pickup

I will post pictures tomorrow when I get a chance!

Hi Bill,

I am in Vancouver and interested in your printer. Is it still available? Would you be able to ship it to me? I will pay the postage.
Thanks a mill


Printer has been sold ! closing thread