Selecting the Correct Resin Colour And Type

How critical is it really - to select the correct resin colour - type and version ?, and what happens when you do ? Does it increase laser power, exposure or what ?

Very critical! Selecting the correct resin color and version will adjust several things within your printer to achieve optimal results.


Hi Jory, please elaborate

  • what things?
  • why do they create optimal results?


Yes I have to agree, it was only a general knowledge question. On the face of it, there is not much it can adjust, I seriously doubt more power from laser, so that only leaves exposure, and that would imply either slowing the laser or multiple passes.

I wonder what the big secret is ?

It seems to work no matter what setting I choose.

The biggest factor is laser power and exposure. Each resin requires a different exposure to properly cure, and using the wrong settings may result in over- or under-cured parts.

The color, viscosity and chemical makeup of the resins are all factors that need to be adjusted for.


Hey Jory, thanks for quick reply. While we’re talking it, I’m curious how power/exposure ( e.g. color ) might relate to dimensional variance of the part. Has there been any testing on this? As an example, lets say I have a 2cm test cube I want to print. Lets say with clear in the tank and clear selected in Preform I’ve dialed in the printer and it prints and measures within acceptable tolerances. If I change the color in Preform to black, what would be the expected results wrt cure level and dimensionality?


The object you’re printing shouldn’t change the print settings–you want the exposure to be as low as possible because the light will go beyond the current layer that you’re printing. When that happens then the downward facing surfaces lose detail, the increased exposure also makes the silicone layer on the bottom of the tray wear out faster so that’s another reason you want to limit the exposure. The size of the object doesn’t change how much exposure you want.

I don’t think that is what he is getting at. He is asking does the exposure change the size, or rather can it have an affect on size.

I think anyway - thats how I read it.

Christopher, I’m not sure how selecting the wrong color would effect tolerances…but there is a big chance that the improper curing would cause issues with the piece.

As far as tolerances between different resins…they should be relatively the same. We have also done a quick writeup on tolerances here (page 9), that doesn’t directly address your question…but I think you might find it interesting.

formlabs-intro-sla-whitepaper.pdf (4.7 MB)

in a word, “Shrinkage” … ( and not the George Castanza type :wink: )

I’ll read the doc you linked - thanks.

Excellent point.


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