Seeking Carabiner (clip) file for printing

In this formlabs promo video:

at 1:13, there is a very cool looking carabiner out of tough resin. I have searched for this on these forums, but have not found it. Since this was in a formlabs video, they MUST have the file, so, will you share it please?

If not, can people post their favorite, most actually useful carabiner print file?



Would you seriously trust your life to a piece made of plastic??

Real carabiners are made steel, the only thing that piece would be good for is a keychain.

Anyway, there are dozens of carabiner designs available to download on Thingiverse;

Dear Dudemeister: Most likely you do trust your life to things made of plastic, since it’s in everything from cars to surgical instruments. On that sobering thought, I would not recommend using plastic carabiners for climbing that were not rated and tested. However, for my chalk bag it might suffice, and perhaps even as a buckle for a jury-rigged pack I have. Mostly I just want to say that I made it myself and used it.

We could, of course, add to the list, "What is the STRONGEST (I said “actually useful”) carabiner print file out there?



I agree that throughout our daily lives we end up trusting our lives and well being (deliberately or inadvertently) to something made of plastic. However, I was referring to this particular item, which is used primarily by climbers, and their life literally depends on this device, and I don’t think a 3/8’ ~ 1/2" diameter piece of resin or plastic can support a person’s weight.

Back to the the “strongest” statement, I don’t think it has much to do with the design, other than the locking mechanism, it’s really about the material. I haven’t used tough or any of the other 'stronger" resins, but I can pretty much tell you that none are as strong as ABS plastic, if I was looking to print some carabiners, I would print them on a FDM printer using ABS plastic.

I wouldn’t even trust ABS. There may be a space age plastic out there but I doubt it’s available to the public. In order to make a carabiner strong enough to hold a full grown persons weight it would have to be huge. And there also designed to hold that same weight if someone falls and has to rely on one to save them. That’s a lot of shock added. I my humble opinion.

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If you are looking to only hold your chalk bag, this would be fine. However, I don’t think there is any plastic (maybe PEEK though?) that would be able to handle being for climbing, especially since you need a way to lock them.

Besides prominent embossed/engraved letters that say things like: “NOT FOR CLIMBING” and *NOT INTENDED TO SUPPORT HUMAN WEIGHT" and “NO OVERHEAD LIFTING”, what kind of features would you want in a printed clip? Since it’s destined to be more of a toy/keychain/fidget/minor household object, would special aesthetics be a priority?

Would you want a monolithic print that was ready to use when supports were removed, with a living hinge/flexure design, or would you want to print a multi-part assembly with a separate gate, lock mechanism, pin, spring? Maybe a printed carabiner with a printed jig for bending a wire gate? There’s a lot of possibilities for making something fun, and a lot of variations already on Thingiverse and in public documents on Onshape.

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Dear Ike and all listening:

The following is an absolute requirement:

There really exists a free-to-try file that works with form2, i.e. preferably a .stl file, but I don’t have to jump through hoops or give personal info to get it (see Note 1) (why not post it here? Can you attach stuff?)

The selection weighting is as follows:

60% Works for a full year of daily use
25 % Max load ( must be > weight of chalk bag, preferably weight of climbing shoes)
15% Looks Cool (butt ugly disqualifies)

For the sake of wider applicability, it might be nice to select one that is ready-to-go, and one that requires assembly, finish, or whatever.



Note 1: I have followed links a zillion times only to find that the file really wasn’t available or wasn’t free or not in a compatible format.

Note 2: Can we please stop talking about using this for climbing?

Just out of curiosity, did you look at any of the 30+ Carabiner files that are on Thingiverse link I posted above?

None of those files require you to sign up for anything, just click and download. Some are actually pretty cool:

All these files are in STL format and totally free.

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Dear Dudemeister:

Thanks for posting those.

--------Critical Evaluation -----

• “Strong Felx door…” This is free from pay-for-services folks, and this looks like the mechanical basis for their pay carabiner designs, which have more pretty designs and textures added, etc.
Downloadable: YES!!!
Strength: Unknown (but small lip probably limits strength)
Usability: Unknown
Cool factor: ~4 It’s pretty ugly, but one might add texture.

Simple Carabiner Dhapro - very similar to above, Even smaller lip so probably not strong.

Carabiner Rev 2:
Downloadable : YES.
Strength: Unknown (closure lip limits)
Usability: Unknown
Cool Factor: ~ 5.5

This is interesting because spring is mechanically de-coupled from hinge.

None of these look as good as the one in the video.
The all studiously avoid videos of being used in normal situations.

Thanks again for posting.