Searching for the right printer - Help!

Recently, my colleague lost his molds for his Sci-Fi miniature line, I am converting the line over to 3D printing.  The artist have done a fantastic job, but I am having trouble finding a printer that is up to the task.  I have tested around dozen printers makes and models and so far only the high end of the object line is up to the task and removing the support material is a pain. 3D Systems promises that their very high end (100K) printers can do the job; the low and middle range of Projet failed spectacularly.

From what I have seen I think the Form1 is up to the task is there anyone that would be willing to print a test miniature or two?  I would love to see the action, I am in the SE US and will travel if necessary.

Richard Delorme

PS:  I have been trying to contact Form-Labs for about two months with no response.

Just received a response: maybe the squeaky wheel does get greased.

If you can get past its unappealing design and built-from-kit-of-parts downside many seem to think in here and look at what it can really do