Searching for company in EU for resin prototypes

In resume, I’m Alvaro, video game professional since +13 years. We are now developing a new project that requires 2D illustrations, 3D models and we want to have 3D resin miniatures of high quality and 32mm size. We are trying to find materials and companies that have your machines without lucky at the moment. What we want in the first stage is that someone checks our 3D models to validate them (that are OK for production) and have an initial set as a prototype.

If you know, who can make it and have a list of prices, please contact me!

I could run them. At .025 very smooth . in blue castable resin. what resin did you have in mind? 215-925-3278
George Earussi

I am in America

Maybe better I post here some of my doubts :slight_smile:

  1. Will you print from the STL or you can convert typical Maya or an exported format such as FBX or OBJ? Better for us, in this case, to don’t have a ping-pong until we export well in STL :slight_smile:
  2. ¿How is normally the process? Will you print a negative in hard resin and after do a kind of injection? Every company has a way to do it, as far I see spin casting is kind of the winner right now out there for miniatures. Our project is a classic pack of RPG miniatures. As far I can see the resin we need is the standard, not completely black, next grey one in this link:
  3. One thing that worries me is about bubbles and imperfections. In a 32mm miniature have that kind of imperfections ruins the work as the details are very small. Do you have that under control? Does your machine do a nice work? Which is your model machine?
  4. In any case, the milestone nº1 is to have a budget for this step of the prototype, minimum units, cost of tools if you use iron molds, etc. All we can know about the prototype cost and production cost.

Actually, to be honest I’m new with this, normally in RPG miniatures for painting reasons they need grey resin.
Is a project called Empire of Men. But Prodos do not work more for external projects, they are at full.

We could give it a try, we do pressure castings, maybe this is the best option for these?

Regards, Matej

Normally yes, but some manufacturers even with metal molds and pressure casting deliver really bad result :S

It’s suppose to be better in massive production or higher quality results. Doing a 3D model and the mould in a negative (for afterwards injection) let you correct some things in that negative mould. For instance, the best results now are done with spin casting, cost low price always, even in small batches and because of the process of spinning the bubbles and imperfections are gone. Which worries me a lot actually.

When you say “we do pressure castings”, who is we? and where I can see your works and know more?

Thanks for your reply,

Hey Álvaro,

I’m in Berlin, Germany.

You could either send me STL files or Preform files, if I have enough capacity for the volume you need, I could give you a quote for printing them with grey resin.

All the best,
Sebastian Felix

Hi Alvaro,

we are a professional printing service bureau in the suburbs of Göttingen in Lower Saxony.
We have multiple Formlabs Form2 printers and could also run big values for you on our Prodways machines.
Very fine details is our daily bred and butter and we do know our machines and materials very well.
With our knowledge and our philosophy we are not the cheapest however we know exactly what we do.
We also offer a special service worldwide. We exchange DICOM data into stl files, so we make them printable. Our employees have very good CAD experience and they love to work and play around with all kind of CAD file formats. Our software is able to read 95% of all CAD files worldwide available.

I would suggest - send us an test file, we print it for you and you decide what could be the next step into a possible business relationsship.

Best regards from Germany
Peter Figge

I’ll drop down my email here for future contacts if you don’t mind and let you know more about the project as we still need to determine with which company we can do the full production with spin casting technique (which I believe is the best for our case, maybe I’m wrong):
alvaro.martin on/at/in

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Thanks all! really appreciated,