Scotch tape and Gray Resin a bad combination

So i made a nice Ogauge 1/48 model of a railroad cantilever signal bridge. I had printed a detailed hatch for the base.
Since the hatch door was separate i scotch taped it to the base opening where it would go after the signal wiring was installed to secure it temporarily.
When i removed the tape the resin base was melted as was the hatch.
Although 3M the makers of scotch tape will not reveal the chemicals involved in the sticky part of the tape it is believed to contain acetate and other acrylic compounds.
I now know this.
Acetate and Resin is a bad combination.


that’s a great discovery.
thank you for posting it.
I just tried it Model V3 resin and painters tape seems fine.
how long did you leave it on until you noticed it?

Hi @alan1950,

Thank you for sharing, and my apologies for the inconvenience in regards to the damage to your part. This can certainly be useful to other users as well, so I appreciate you documenting your experience here.

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