Roughness on pdms surface in Form3 mold

We produced a PDMS mold using Form3 gray resin and aimed to use PDMS for cell imaging. However, the part of the PDMS to be bond to the slide with oxygen plasma turned out to be rough in every attempt although we used many different methods. PDMS did not stick to the slide. Any ideas on how we can fix the rough surface? You can see the surface image of the PDMS in the attached file.

Hi @arifengin ,

I would love to be of more help but I will be honest here, this is a bit over my head for a standard printer use-case (I personally print mostly models, myself). Can you elaborate more on if this is a question about the printer or its functionality, or more of a call to others who work with PDMS molds for their input? Thanks in advance for any additional clarity you can provide; I hope to be of more help!

Hi @Corey_M
We study with PDMS molds made of Form3 gray resin but we could not reach the desired result on the PDMS surface. PDMS surface became rough and did not stick to glass with oxygen plasma treatment. I’m just asking experts studying PDMS molds how we can improve our PDMS mold for a better PDMS surface to be used for cell imaging.
Thank you for your response.

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Hey @arifengin ,

Thanks for confirming; just wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a printer or print specific issue. I hope the community is able to help you find what you’re looking for; take care!