Retainer creation

Is it possible to create a dental model as a complete lattice structure with small lattice structure for use with vacuum forming. Seems like it would be possible as long as the spacing between lattice is small enough to not pull in when pulled on under heat and vac. Or has anyone figured out how to use infill and weep holes yet to get same day return time down or is 200 micron the fastest way to same day return

Maybe like throw the stl into fusion360 and do something ? Export reupload to preform

Hi @Laddn17,

For the fastest dental model prints, you would likely want to print models hollow, placed directly on the build platform, at 200 microns. Ideally, you would include a few vent holes at the base of the models to allow for air and resin to flow during the print process. For more information, I would recommend looking over 3D Printing Crown and Bridge Models with Formlabs 3D Printers. Note that we recommend printing solid models for best results, but hollow models would print faster. If this doesn’t quite cover the use case you are interested in, I would recommend getting in touch with our Support Team and sharing some more detail about your application.

Would the model deform under the heat and pull of the vac when molding a retainer? That would help me decide if it were worth just keeping the model solid or not

Hi @Laddn17,

I’m not sure - it may depend on the geometry of the model. I would suggest reaching out to Support, and a member of our Dental team could take a closer look and share their thoughts.

Thank you!!

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