Results & Findings From My First Liter's Completion:

Yes, the plastic on the bottom of the tank got me too!  But I figured it out after the first print failed.  There was no documentation that came with my printer that mentioned the tape on the bottom.  I just check again to make sure.  It may have been in the online documentation, I’m not sure if it was at the time.

This was the only mention of it I found at the time.

Just put a small piece of colored masking tape on top of the clear tape so everyone can see there is something there.  Problem solved.

The main problem I have with the resin tank is that it started to cloud up after about 1/2 liter of use.  I am sure that has what has cause a lot of my failed prints.  You will also not in the picture the big chunk of material gone from the silicone bottom.  This happened as I was scrapping the last failed print of the bottom.  No I didn’t gouge it out with the scraper.

Luckily, I bout another tank to use with the grey resin that I had bought.

Yeah, it’s a good idea to keep up with the online docs. There’s a ton of useful information there that’s not found in the printed docs, plus the Form 1 is a work in progress so the online docs are updated often.


I have noticed an odd difference in the sheen under the tank.  Now I know what it is!!!  Thanks, I will be removing that film once I get back home.  Hopefully that has been the cause of my inconsistent prints and multiple failures…

Although a sticker or colouring the film would work well to highlight that the film is present, a tab would be really valuable in keeping both fingers and sharp scratchy implements off the precious underside.  You currently have to pick at the film on the underside to start the removal process and it would be very easy to mark or contaminate the critical underside.

By the way, the top film on both my tanks was loose along two edges and therefore cardboard packaging fragments got inside so, whilst we’re discussing improvements, it would be great to redesign this for a complete four sided seal.

I also missed the sticker on the bottom of the tank. I’ve printed about ten things so far with great success. I wonder how removing the sticker will affect it? I’ve just swapped tanks to try out another color, this time with the sticker removed :slight_smile: