Resin Viscosity

I’ve been printing some parts with parallel walls about 5 millimeters apart and found that some resin which should have fallen through the ribs cured over time. I’m thinking of experimenting with a slightly hotter tank temperature (maybe a degree or two Celsius higher than normal) to increase the viscosity of the resin, allowing it to flow out of the part easily.

Anyone done something similar? I’m just worried about the temperature’s effect on the print quality/success.

Can you post up pictures of your model so that we can take a look? While resin might have a challenging time draining from tight cavities, I wouldn’t expect it to cure in place. Increasing the temperature by a few degrees is unlikely to significantly change the viscosity and there might be some changes we can make to the orientation or geometry to improve your results.

Hey Frew, the model is a tool stand for some of the finishing tools I use. The slot at the back has a width of 3mm and is the main feature being left full.

That should be able to print, I’ve printed things that are closer together and it comes out fine

I’d likewise expect this to print successfully and certainly wouldn’t expect the resin in those cavities to cure. Could you post up your .form file so that we can make sure there aren’t any artifacts that might be causing these sections to cure? Are you noticing any odd behavior like this on other prints?

Here’s the link for the file on google drive, the issue seems to persist on other models with similar close packed geometry or even different pasts places close together on the build plate. But larger openings do not exhibit the same issue.

Given the .form file, I wouldn’t expect this to have any trouble with resolving the openings. I’ve reached out to our support team and one of our members will be in touch with you over email to help troubleshoot.

In the mean time, you should check out our video on part orientation! Orienting parts at a slight angle will help with print success and improve the surface finish of your parts.

Thanks Frew, we all appreciate you and your team’s dedication!

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