Resin Tank Missing message causing lots of issues

Every time I start a new build I get this message, “Resin Tank Missing”. It’s not. Even when I just finished one print and are starting a second I get the message. The issue is the tank is full of resin and you have to snap it out of the lock position multiple times before the Form 2 sees it. You also have to disengage the wiper which causes the biggest issue. When the tray snaps loose the wiper blade can go flying spilling resin all over the machine. This has happened a couple of time for me. Taking the wiper blade out isn’t an option as it is coated with resin and will drip all over.
I’ve cleaned the contacts multiple times but still get this message every time I start a new print.

Also, I’m posted this before, why doesn’t the “success or failure” screen come up or why isn’t there a way to bring it up. Some times it’s a half hour after the print is finished that the screen shows. If I delete the print before hand I get a nasty message about the fact I didn’t state if the print was a success or failure. Again, why not let the operator bring this screen up?

It sounds like the printer might be having a bit of trouble reading the chip on the tank. If the contact between the chip and printer is poor, it’s sometimes the case that it could lose contact during a print. Are you running into the same issue with other tanks? It’s possible that the issue is localized to the tank rather than the printer itself.

Are you not seeing the success failure screen until a while after the print? That should be pretty immediate so if that’s the case, our support team will want to look into it.

I’m using the same tank until it dies as I only use grey V2. No reason I should be changing and messing up tanks. I’ll keep fighting it but not happy about it.

You must remove the Build Plate to get the “success/failure” message. Not logical as it allows you to “reprint” without removing the build plate.!!

This doesn’t seem like typical behavior and our support team will help to troubleshoot any issues with your tank. The success of failure message should likewise be pretty immediate after a print completes. I’ve reached out to our support team and one of our members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot.

Having the same problem now. I spent a while trying to get it to read yesterday, and was hoping to get things started this afternoon, but the tank is still not reading. I opened a new one to see if that would work, but no luck!

If you’re having trouble getting multiple different tanks to read, one of the first steps might be to clean the contacts on the printer with a bit of IPA just to ensure that nothing is interfering with the connection between the tank and printer. If that doesn’t fix things for you, open a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further.

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