Resin + Laser Pointer = Awesome Glue!


I know it’s been a while since this thread is active. I’m planning on getting this Zimtown 5mW 405nm Beam Light Purple Laser Pointer Pen from Walmart. I will let you know how well it works.


I use this one :églable-Violet-Module/dp/B017E8IW3M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1498884082&sr=8-1&keywords=laser+405
It works pretty well in a few seconds I can “weld” the prototypes I make.


Bonjour @Yannick_Bonnet:wave:! Thanks for the link, but I don’t think that one ships to the U.S. :pensive:


I tend to like this company and AIXIZ

You will need to buy the G2 405 lens, and use short bursts or get a heat sink

If you don’t need pinpoint, then there are some nice curing flashlights on Amazon.
I hope you have nice protective glasses.

These are cheap, and probably poor quality acrylic lens, but for short bursts, OK:


Hi @SL_PIO !! You may try this one, it seems to be the same reseller :


Thanks @Yannick_Bonnet ! Do you know what the term line laser mean? Does it mean this laser shoots lines of beams through the slots on the len?


These seems to be pretty powerful lasers. Are they an overkill for gluing small assembly (<100 cm3)? In other words, is there any side effects for overexposure to UV light/laser?


Again, all you need to make this work is a UV flashlight.


Yes, I think that is way overkill. A 0.5 watt laser is a serious safety concern and is powerful enough to burn materials. I don’t see any point in using a laser when a LED flashlight works perfectly fine; It’s like bringing a gun to a knife-fight.

This the 3-watt light I use, its 395-410nm, focusable, very inexpensive and infinitely safer than a powerful laser.


Safety first, besides I can use it for inspecting urine stain on my kids’ bed :baby:
However @3DTOPO , I can’t find these specs on the Amazon page: [quote=“3DTOPO, post:49, topic:15”]
the 3-watt light I use, its 395-410nm, focusable



If you google the model “WdtPro-u004-2” number you can find out that it is what I say it is.



Thanks a bunch @3DTOPO and everyone else for pitching in!:grin:


You are usually going pretty quickly with the laser. I have both the flashlight (which I use the most), and a bunch of lasers from 50mw to 6w (besides my surgical lasers … wrong wavelength). It is nice to have a point source in some cases, but a strong laser can both over-cure and over-heat (when there are pigments) if you dawdle. Right now, the 2.5-3w laser is used to remotely light our gas pit that we use to roast marshmallows (I rarely partake, but grandkids love it). It is a curious fun because the gas will accumulate a little before the laser starts the hidden match (20 ft. away), so there is an impressive sound / sensation. Maybe I should haul out the flashlight to see who wet their pants over it. It is a business expense that has a few other uses.


I know we are getting off topic here @Darick_Nordstro , but I have to try that (safely) now! :smile:


this one?


or this

I can order only from ebay amazon doesnt ship to my shithole country…
is this laser any good?


Personally and unofficially, I’d go with Option 2 or 3 on the goggles- the orange looking ones. When you have a laser, you can test how well they’re working by seeing whether shining the laser through them makes anything fluorescent on the other side fluoresce. Alternatively, with the goggles on, the 405 beam/spot should be completely invisible, unless the laser hits something that fluoresces at a different wavelength, like Formlabs resin, or glow-in-the-dark pigment, or “Day-Glo” materials, etc.

I would also try to find a theoretically less powerful 405 laser pointer if I were you. Searching eBay for “5mW 405” is still going to find you lots of laser pointers that are almost certainly way more powerful/dangerous than 5mW, but still maybe less powerful than whatever “military powerful burning” is.


Thanks for your info you told me everything that I need :smiley:
So here is what I ordered


Yes I agree, while I haven’t used it as a glue yet, I am using uncured/exposed resin and a laser pen to fill in small voids or stress cracks. I got a 405nm 5mw laser pen as suggested by Craig Broady from FormLabs, it works well in testing and have already used it on a couple voids and cracks. I certainly will use it as I assemble parts and objects. Picture of a test setup, for timing.