Recommended "do not exceed" temperature for resins

Roughly what temperature do you think resins can briefly be heated to without deteriorating their effectiveness? How hot do they get at the factory when Formlabs originally mixes them during manufacture?

The reason I ask is that I’m going to experiment with mixing in a flame retardant additive. The additive is quite viscous. The engineers think it should still be miscible with the FL resins, but said most people heat the stuff to around 80°C during or just prior to mixing (which significantly reduces viscosity).

I realize the change in viscosity may mean I have to print in Open Mode. (Which is a shame, as heating to 35°C would nudge the viscosity closer toward that of the stock resins expected by the machine)

(ps. Yes, I know the recommendation is to keep resins in a dark, cool place, and I store them that way).