Recommended Casting Houses That Work with Formlabs Castable Resin


Anyone knows a casting house in Turkey?


My father and I have found castings come out really well after curing the blue castable resin for at least 2 hours and then putting a large spru to help vent/melt out all the resin during the burn out. We have been using the recommended R&R plasticast with bandust.


@JenniferMilne Are there any casting houses in Canada?


None right now - let me send a few emails and see if I can get any suggestions. We have successful customers casting in Canada, we just haven’t formalized any who are open to outside requests.


Awesome, thank you.


Hey guys,

Just to update you I’m currently looking for UK casting house who can use Formlabs resins, and when I asked Weston Beamor (currently on your list above) about the new Castable Wax resin they replied:
"is the new wax the purple one? if so we haven’t had any successful casts in it unfortunately, we found the blue a bit better, but that’s still a bit hit and miss."

I don’t think they should probably be on the list if they’re “hit and miss”, and that is since being on the list above for over 3 years. Surely they should have improved since then.



@Gareth thanks for the feedback. We are currently working to revalidate all partners with the new resin, I’ll dig into this and see if we should pause with them until we can help them get more consistent results. We certainly recommend a few others in the UK but I’ll check who specifically is up and running with the Castable Wax material.


Hi @JenniferMilne have you had any luck finding UK casting houses using the Castable Wax?