Recommended Casting Houses That Work with Formlabs Castable Resin


HI that sounds like an interesting project. I would be happy to give it a go. My casting machine is capable of casting steel but the maximum mould size is 88 millimetres which means an absolute theoretical maximum size of around 80 mm for the cast item. If your item is smaller than this I could make it in house. If it is bigger i could create the resin master model and then get it cast externally. I also have access to fabrication by metal laser sintering however that can be very costly.



Did you have any luck with finding an engineering materials investment casting house in the U.K.? We are struggling to find someone who can burn-out SLA resin successfully and works in brass/bronze/alloys. Thanks!


Hi I can cast in Brass and Bronze and I can successfully burn out SLA resins with high fidelity.
If that helps get in touch.


UK Jewellery Castings @

Casting every week - bronze, silver, gold, white gold.

We are also working on some stock patterns.

#49 seems to be a plug-in for Rhino, not a foundry. doesnā€™t seem to exist.


Does anyone know any casting houses that can cast larger items in bronze, in the 100 to 500g range?


Currently looking for Casting houses in New York City! The overnight demand here is pretty intense.

I have had some suggestions by the awesome guys at Formlabs, currently testing out / pricing out Tech Designs and DMJ. If anybody else has any recommendations, I am doing exclusively sterling silver! Some pieces are pretty big. Like oversized bracelet/cuffs and stuff like that .

Thanks in advance for all the help!


Where are you based? I can cast in Bronze certainly I can do 100 grams and max out at about 1Kg


We are located in Taiwan but we can do international shipping. After silver and gold, now we can cast in brass.
See more info at our website,


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I am based in NYC, and I am looking for sterling silver.


Hi I am sorry I think you are Turkish - I am English and I tried Google Translate and it said ā€œHello, what should the relevant dumpsā€ So I am not fully sure what you are asking but I would like to help.


I am based in England on the South Coast near the Isle of Wight. But as it happens I will be in New York City all next week. I can cast in Silver but the postage costs might be a problem. One good thing though is that I am registered with the London Assay office and can get my castings tested and Hallmarked. Its a 100% sure and safe guarantee of quality.


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Hi Hillzzz, itā€™s great to know about your service, I am new to the forum, is it possible for you to direct message me as I donā€™t seem to work out how to direct message you. Thanks



I would need to know your cost per DTW of silver, and labor charges. and also what shipping laws are like regarding things of this nature.


Where are you based so i can answer the question about shipping laws and also I donā€™t recognise DTW as a unit of weight - can you elaborate as I can probably translate into metric units which is what I do my base prices in. thanks I hope I can help.


Iā€™m currently looking for a Casting House in Washington state that will work with the Castable Resin, any leads?