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Recommended Casting Houses That Work with Formlabs Castable Resin

Made a Moon and Star (Turkish style) Ring, but im hoping to do more complex things in the future.
Polishing could be better :grimacing:



I’ve just sent my Form 1 in to be upgraded to a Form 1+. When it gets back I look forward to using the new castable resin. Up until now I had been using clear and making a rubber mold shooting a wax then casting. I am a master goldsmith and would be happy to cast your prints in gold (10, 14, 18k, yellow, white, or rose), silver, brass, bronze or white bronze. Since there are so many variables I would have to see the print or the file to give a price. Turn around time will depend on current work loads. My company is Ye Old Goldsmith Shoppe. My website is and has some pictures of some of my hand made stuff. I don’t have any of my printed stuff on there yet. I’ll post some when I can.

Hi all,

It been a while since I posted, but since my Form1+ had its laser replaced it been performing great.

I appreciate that all the casting shown on this thread is for jewelry and precious metals, but I was wondering if anyone had cast mechanical components in aluminium.

I’m working on a project that would benefit greatly if it were to be cast in aluminium. It’s an active cooling duct for a Beta FFF printer that I’m involved with testing. I’ve tried ABS but due to its proximity to the heater block, melts when the active fan isn’t running.

I could use poly-carbonate but it’s very difficult to print. Having it printed in stainless steel would work, but it would mean adding a lot of weight on to the print head, which isn’t good for print speed. I’ll shortly be testing a FL v2 clear resin version to see how it handles the heat.

I would greatly appreciate any UK casting lab recommendation or advice with this.

This is the mk3 version of the duct –

CAD & Simulations

Mk1 Printed ABS version

Mk3 FL v2 Clear Resin version (still to be tested)

Hey Steve - I might have a great tip for you. I came across JetCubed on twitter and saw they’d used our Castable resin to cast Zinc. It does seem hard to find casting houses that do engineering metals but I spoke to them and they were happy to try some bigger pieces for us in aluminium, I just haven’t had a chance to follow through on that. I’m sure they’d be happy to talk through your application with you and they’re based in the UK. Please keep us updated!

Thanks a bunch for the recommendation @JenniferMilne. I was starting to give up hope.

a photo from the last project… :smile:

If all things go wrong you can always go with silicone molding and waxing.


Awesome! We’ve been working with Patrick at ZP Casting too. Just added them to the main recommendation list, they’re doing some cool stuff - they have been successfully casting from our Black Resin too.

Hello, Thank you for the support and kind words it has been a pleasure working with you!

Hi Steve,

if the volume of the duct is up to 10-11 cm3, we can try in our vacuum casting machine.

Prof. Elias Sarafis, Ph.D.
Dipl. Mechanical Engineer

East.Macedonia - Thrace Institute of Technology
EMTH-IT (former TEI Kavalas)
Mechanical & Petroleum Engineering Department
Ag.Loukas 654 04, Kavala, GREECE

That’s awesome Elias! :grinning:

The latest iteration of the part is a lot smaller so it will definitely fit your max volume.

I will be in touch shortly.


I am not a jeweler so I am not interested in gold or silver or any other precious metal … I manufacture miniatures (pewter) so I am looking for someone that do castings for me from Fromlabs resin and give me a brass, bronze or other non-precious metal master that I will then make a vulcanized rubber production mold from.

Does anyone know of a casting house that works with Formlabs resins and produces pieces in non-precious metals?

I do, I’m based in the UK.

For anyone based in and around Florida - we’re happy to add Golden Century Casting to our list of recommended casting houses working with Formlabs Castable resin. Thanks to Isaac Cohen for the recommendation.

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I am new to this co and printer. But very well experience.I am a service buro and a casting facility to many jewelers . So I would like to give the first 10 prototypes a chance at no casting cost only shipping and metal. It would help me deside if this machine and co are worth wile to get involved.thanks izzy Israeli at3D jewelry may contact me or email .

We just finished up a great collaboration with NRML - a company making custom fit 3D printed earphones on demand out of their store in Manhattan. They had no prior experience with casting, typically using FDM for their main line of earphones. With the Form 1+ and Castable Resin they’re offering limited edition rose Gold earphones in a collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff. Very exciting to see brands experimenting with new materials and taking advantage of the customization offered by 3D printing. Unfortunately I think you can only buy them from visiting the store from now until December 31st but if you can make it down there be sure to check them out.

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Any recommendations for casting houses in Australia? Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane?

Hi Jennifer, I have been casting for 40 years ad I have tried many resins. I have tested the Formlabs cast-able resin and it works fine. I can cast items up to 250 grams in weight. and about 90mm x 90 mm x 90mm I can cast in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Steel, Bronze and Brass. I use an inert Gas Shielded Casting process to minimise fire stain. I specialise in providing a bespoke casting service for Jewellery Designers but I am happy to cast for hobbyists and prototype engineers too. I am based in the UK. If that helps.


Hi Hillzz , Please explain a little bit about the inert Gas Shielded Casting process.

Hi Robert, When I was a student we were casting using centrifugal casting machines and one flask exploded showering the room with molten metal and hot plaster. I decided then that Vacuum casting would be the way to go. Where the metal is poured (sucked) into the flask by a vacuum - that way nothing is spinning like crazy and likely to shower the place with burning metal. I built my first casting machine many years ago using a vacuum pump I got from a scrap place.
Now I have a very sophisticated casting machine that melts the metal by induction in a vacuum so oxygen is excluded. Then after the metal has been poured into the flask the machine pushes Argon Gas at 3Bar pressure into the casting chamber. This forces the metal further into the flask ensuring a perfect cast and also still keeping the oxygen out. Metals like 9ct gold and silver contain copper and zinc both of which oxidise when heated. This means the surface of the metal contains copper or zinc oxide or both. When polished this oxidised surface leads to “Fire-Stain” in silver it can be seen as purple-ish gray patches that have to be removed by filing or polishing away. It can go quite deep and some of the big manufactures simply silver plate their silver items to cover it up. Using an insert gas shield during casting stops fire-stain from forming.

thank you Hillzz.