Raft manipulation

I would love to be able to expand, shrink, or draw the footprint of the rafts.
Use case1:
I have small parts that I print on a raft. For removal, I have to remove every part. Instead I have resorted to moving the parts closet together so the rafts overlap. This lets me remove multiple parts at once.

This works okay but it would be nice to be able to space parts further apart yet still have the rafts overlap.

I have two parts that I don’t want to overlap but the raft is just a little too big to get the parts to array nicely. I would like to be able to reshape the raft a little so I can make things fit without overlap.

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Hi @paul_rea,

This is another great idea! I’ll go ahead and submit this feedback as well. I cannot guarantee a timeline for this feature or if it will be implemented, but our Product Team will review the feedback when considering future updates to PreFrom!

How about s simplified version of “use case 1” where you instead select models and group them before adding supports, that way PreForm could (probably) use most of the current logic.

Hi @Reine,

I’ll pass this suggestion along as well. I could see it being useful to choose several parts which would then all have a unified raft as described.

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