Putting used IPA in a curing oven


I have a collection of used IPA from the baths that I’ve been putting in bottles, since we’re not supposed to pour it down the drain. I’ve had one bottle for several months now and I don’t see any evidence of resin curing.

I am curious, if I were to put one of these bottles in my UV oven with the heat turned off, would there be a risk of fire or other issues?

Just leave it outside on a sunny day for a few hours. The resin will form in a blackish colored clump on the bottom of the container. All you have to do is run it through a filter and you can use it again as your first rinse bath. If you really want to get rid of it then just leave it outside in an open container and let it evaporate away.


I have set a full gallon jug of heavily used IPA by a window with good sun exposure. I don’t recall how long it took (actually I left it there before a vacation). But however long it was, when I checked it out upon my return nearly the entire contents had turned to a jelly-like consistency. I was able to pour off the liquid IPA and the “jelly” remained in the jug.

Just today I took a gallon jug of used IPA that had not been exposed to sunlight but had sat long enough that it looked very clear. Thought I’d check it out with the FL supplied hydrometer. Though it looked nice and clear it still failed the hydrometer test.

We have a Safety Supervisor who is charge of storing waste products to await pick-up by a disposal company…So, all I do is collect it and give it to him but I thought my experiences might be of interest.

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