Disposing the white jello in the IPA?

Hey all, so after a good few washes I put the IPA jar in the sun. A white jello forms inside though the problem is I have no idea how to dispose of this stuff. I have poured it into a box of old newspaper. The IPA should evaporate though not sure about the jello I think it needs intense sunlight which we don’t have in the UK. Can anyone share their experiences with disposing this stuff in an environmentaly friendly way?


You can keep it outside for a longer period of time so it will dry by the time. The IPA will evaporates and the white stuff will dry out eventually. Just make sure no rain is going in as it will increase the time required to rid off the liquids. After it dry out you can dispose it to a regular bin.

Direct sun helps but even without it it will dry. Just take longer :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info kpinhassi, unfortunately it did rain heavily last night so everything got soaked, though checked and the hello exposed to the light is already dry so that’s good. Might need to stir the newspaper for the hidden bit to cure, though if this stuff was spread evenly on a tray then disposing is fairly straight forward

No problem,

I think you can keep it still and not stirring it up. It will dry eventually. Just take time :wink:

Everything is still soaking wet as it’s rain season and I got no shelter to place over it so hopefully it will all dry ok :wink: I think maybe a tin foil tray with this stuff spread out inside in direct light will be the best solution. when it drys out can just bin the tray.

You can also wrap the tin foil with plastic wrap to prevent from rain to fill it up. You can also place a few wooden sticks so it will look like a tent, drops will slide off.

This doesn’t work, at least where I live, if you are in the tropics maybe it would. The cured resin forms a hard skin which stops more IPA from evaporating. You would need to break up that skin regularly, say every day, but you would still be left with a pudding that was not entirely solid.

If you want something that is solid, then setting fire to the jelly will result in a solid that resembles burnt toast, care is needed if you go down this route.

I’ve also heard the the contaminated IPA make an effective weedkiller, but I have not tried this yet.

It will work eventualy. You don’t need a tropical weather as IPA is constantly evaporates. Lets take a worse case, 70% IPA that is (for this example) is 70% IPA & 30% water. The 70% will evaporate easily while the rest 30% is also evaporating due to the evaporation proccess if the IPA( chemical reaction and so) . Add to this a bit of sun / light / winds and it will leave you with solid material. Unless you are in Alaska and the water in the IPA is turned into ice.

Please, please, please people…don’t overthink this stuff. Throw the Jell-O blob away or burn it in your driveway. That’s what I do…burn the IPA/resin mixture.

The best way of disposing of contaminated IPA is to use you local chemical disposal system. The IPA is then recycled. My local authority (City of London) will pick up containers and dispose of them for free.

Other parts of the world my not be so lucky.

Burning it is also contaminating and producing a toxic pollution. I cant consider this method as preferred. Its also dangerous, IPA is extremely flammable.

Nop, in my place we are not so lucky. The minimum price for pickup is about 100$ and required quite amount of paper work.

we in the third world countries can put ipa in sink :smiley: :frowning: