Problems on printing small things

Hello everyone!
I´m having some problems with the 3b… it’s really wierd, because if I try to print small things, nothing appears on the printing board…

any help?

Thank you!

Hey @Carchanestar!

A few more details would be really helpful. What are you trying to print, what resin, what layer height, do other parts print correctly but this specific file doesn’t?

The more details we have the more we can offer potential advice! :slight_smile:

hello @DKirch !
It’s been with the Clear resin and the Denture Teeth A3 Resin. with the last one, i’ve been trying to print one or two teeth, and nothing appears.
With the clear resin, when the object is thiner than 3mm, nothing appears.
printer is 3b.

Help would be really preciated!