Printing Robots with Makerjuice SF + FL resins MIX using form2


I have printed a robot from Japanese animation ‘Raijin-oh’, made of Makerjuice SF Black 25 + Makerjuice SF Grey 25 + FL Grey 50 formula.

It is about 15 cm tall, movable model.

This MIX formula is great because of its flexibility. please take a look this photo.

You can bend support pillars with fingers and I believe, FL resins are impossible to bend like this photo because it is too solid.

There is of course Pros&Cons,

More flexible.
Mat surface.
You can tone its color changing resin ratio.

You have to set more supports to models because some distortion may happen while pealing process sometimes.
Surface finish become rough slightly comparing to FL standard resins.


Looks great!! What resin setting did you use in Preform? Are you using open mode? Thank you!


Thanks Yoderkl!
Setting is FL Black V2, Open mode.

I tried MIX resin with FL vacant cartridge “BLACK 02” in fact.
However, resin sensing error happened and I gave up.
It seems resin was too much supplied causing its high fluidity,

I hope open FL would be applied to form2 soon.


As I mentioned, this resin MIX causes tiny distortion while slide peeling process sometimes.
I assume the speed of slide peeling process is too fast for the flexibility of this resin MIX.

So, you know, If I can adjust the speed of slide peeling throughout OpenFL, the distortion might be resolved.
Resin sensing error in case of using FL resin cartridge is so on.
If I can adjust the time of opening resin vent, error might not be taken place.

It’s just my hypothesis of course


I would stay away from makerjuice resins altogether. They are very reactive and they destroy your resin tanks. They make my tanks crack and also the lid on my form1. Stick with the formlabs resins.